Saturday, July 25, 2009

NEW Biltmore Frame Collection

Inspired by the quantity and craftsmanship of America's greatest home, the Biltmore™ Frame Collection by Larson-Juhl® will celebrate your artwork and photographs with elegance and style.

The Biltmore™ Collection is the industries's first PEFC certified frame collection continuing Biltmore's and Larson-Juhl's shared focus on protecting the environment.

Built between 1889-1895, Biltmore is known for its relaxed elegance and exceptional treasures, including original art from masters such as Pierre-August Renoir and John Singer Sargent. The painting’s antique frames with their intricate details, aged patina and rich finishes, served as the inspiration for the Biltmore™ Collection by Larson-Juhl®.

Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, inspires fine living in all who visit, and many of its guests would like to bring that feeling into their own home. Now, thanks to Larson-Juhl, custom picture frame manufacturer, and Sunflower Custom Picture Framing they can! Sunflower Custom Picture Framing is introducing Larson-Juhl’s Biltmore Collection, a new line of fine, custom frames inspired by the antique frames, art and architecture that is Biltmore.

“We are excited to introduce this Biltmore-inspired frame collection to Long Island, New York City, and the surrounding area! Vanderbilt’s love of fine art and respect for the environment is evident in the frame designs and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring that feeling into our client’s homes,” says Drew Winslow- Gallery Director of Long Island Custom Picture Framing.

Biltmore Estate™, first envisioned and later commissioned by George Washington Vanderbilt III, was the most ambitious home ever conceived in America and took over six years and an army of artisans to create. It was completed in 1895, with 250 rooms, four acres of floor space, and was filled with a priceless collection of furnishings and artwork. Vanderbilt’s love for fine art was evident as he and his new bride traveled the world collecting fine art and frames to fill their home. His exceptional collection includes original works from masters such as Pierre-August Renoir and John Singer Sergeant.

After enjoying the estate for more than 35 years privately, the Vanderbilt family opened the estate to the public to generate tourism in March 1930. Since that time, Biltmore has been available for public tours - allowing Biltmore’s legacy to live on. During WWII, Biltmore housed priceless artworks from the National Gallery of Art for safekeeping. In 1963, Biltmore was named a National Historic Landmark. Today, Biltmore welcomes more than 1 million guests per year and continues to inspire all who see it.

Vanderbilt envisioned his estate as an eco-friendly environment; keeping in line with that focus, The Biltmore Collection by Larson-Juhl is the company’s first Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) ™ certified frame collection. To earn PEFC certification, the lumber used in the manufacturing process must come from well-managed, sustainable forests.

For additional details on how you can bring the Biltmore Estate into your home, or to see the Biltmore Collection of fine custom frames, please visit SUNFLOWER FINE ART Picture Framing or call (516) 742-6100.

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