Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You Wouldn't Bring Your Car to the Butcher Shop for a Tune Up...

Can never believe when folks entrust their personal belongings to big box stores, the mall or camera shops. I mean these merchants all have a valuable role, offer goods and services that we all need, but...
  • Having a precious wedding photo framed by a kid with a Mohawk and a bone in his nose?
  • A disgruntled semi-pro photographer is going to select an important frame that's going to hang in your beautiful, well-designed, living room? 
  • To be viewed (and supposedly last) for the next 40 years?
C'mon now...

We are an art gallery and expert frame shop. 

That's all we do.

  1. We believe a frame should firstly be functional, protecting your artwork.
  2. Secondly it should be beautiful; even the simplest of frames should be proportionally elegant, with strong corners and a smooth, consistent finish.
  3. Thirdly it should delight you. Every day. Every single time you look at it.

We ordinarily see 10 to 20 clients each day, ranging from photographic students preparing for an end-of-year show to an interior designer working on a client’s project. Over the course of a week we’ll see artists, designers, collectors, architects, conservators  – an enormous range and diverse group of clients -  that has contributed to our team’s immense knowledge of art and mediums, making us best placed to specify the ultimate presentation solutions.

No matter the type of art or client, we apply the same exacting level of patience, care, knowledge and advice.
As a starting point we will advise on the best way to protect and preserve the artwork. It’s not just vintage photographs and watercolors that require archival materials; in today’s environment, even the newest of art requires protection, so it’s important to ensure the work is safe and secure before we address the frame design.

When it comes to your frame design, the world is your oyster. The options are limitless... shadowboxes, gold leaf, metal, natural walnut - we have a team of 15 experts on stand by, ready to: cut, join, sand, finish and prepare your frame.

It takes a little time to make your frame of course, as do all the best things in life, but once it's completed and ready for pick up (or delivery/hanging in one of our vans), you’ll be amazed at the results.

A frame can literally transform artwork, transform a room, transfer moments and memories.

Drew is gallery director at  
Sunflower Fine Art Galleries, Mirrors and Expert Picture Framing,
172 7th Street, 516-747-7406


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