Monday, February 7, 2011

Time to enjoy your art

Pictures propped against walls, crammed in closets, dime store framed or carried away by picture-thieving magpies can't be enjoyed in your home.

With the largest selection of frame styles and assorted mats, Sunflower Fine Art's  picture-framing pros offer expert picture framing services to capture artwork before it wanders off into the ether. So it can be hung with pride and enjoyed.

Customers can view over 3,000 molding samples to design framing ideas with the ever-caring consultation with our friendly staff about choosing the best materials to preserve and display their oil paintings, needlepoint Mona Lisa, or photographs.

After being entrusted with an artistic treasure, Sunflower completes the custom framing on-site using cutting-edge technology to stretch, mount, and trim out intricate matting designs. For non-flat artwork, shadowbox framing allows customers to preserve important sports memorabilia or bury plants alive. While prices vary depending on the item being framed, basic metal framing starts at  $79.95.